Birdfriend, NAKID, EM Records

YPY is a solo project led by Koshiro Hino. He runs a cassette tape label called Birdfriend, which features underground musicians from Japan and around the world. Hino also operates the contemporary/electronic record label, NAKID.

Hino is a player and composer for the bands goat (jp) and bonanzas. His significant compositions include the hybrid orchestra Virginal Variations (2016), blending classical instruments with electronic sounds, and GEIST (2018-), a fusion of numerous speakers and moving full-body performance piece, INTERDIFFUSION A tribute to Yoshi Wada (2021-) in collaboration with sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA, and others.

Since 2019, Hino has collaborated with Sado-based taiko performing arts group Kodo, most notably on the music film Shiver (2021, dir. Toshiaki Toyoda), filmed during a month-long residency on Sado Island. Hino composed all the music for this film, performed by Kodo.

He is a member of the ANTIBODIES Collective, founded by musician/director Toshio Kajiwara and dancer/choreographer Yoko Higashino. He has also provided music for choreographer Cindy Van Acker’s work Without References, among others.

In 2023, he performed his new composition Phase Transition with Masayoshi Fujita and Ken Furudate (of Dumb Type) at Rohm Theatre Kyoto. This year, he composed music for an Estonian film director Rainer Sarnet’s 2024 feature film The Invisible Fight. This composition was awarded the Best Composition at the Estonian Film Award (EFTA2024).


Photo: Yuichiro Noda Courtesy of MODE