Kahn + Neek

Bandulu, Sector 7, Young Echo, Hotline

Having initially met and formed a friendship as teenagers in the night clubs of their hometown of Bristol, Kahn + Neek have since gone on to forge their own path within, and leave their mark upon, the world of sound system music.

Originally honing their craft and making their names as DJs and producers within Bristol’s early Dubstep scene, the duo went on to find themselves at the forefront of the genre’s new wave of artists throughout the 2010s, as well as being an instrumental part of the Grime revival of the same period.

In 2012, they started their own record label, Bandulu Records, as a means of self releasing their music and giving a platform to other artists from within their community. Combined with a string of releases and collaborations with staple record labels within the scene such as Deep Medi, Keysound Recordings, Butterz and Terrorhythm (to name a few), Kahn + Neek became synonymous with a style that incorporated the raw, darker elements from within Dubstep and Grime music with influences from Dancehall, Goth and Middle Eastern musical traditions.

In 2016, the duo would be invited to curate the 90th edition of the esteemed Fabriclive series, before then featuring on the iconic Essential Mix programme on BBC Radio 1 the following year.

Having toured around the world extensively throughout the last decade (before everything came to a standstill during the global pandemic), Kahn + Neek are launching into the next decade full of experience and renewed energy. Continuing to explore and innovate with a signature sound steeped in Bristol’s rich musical heritage and sound system culture.