KAKUHAN is a duo project formed by Koshiro Hino and Yuki Nakagawa in 2022.

Hino is known for his solo project as YPY, and as a leading member of a five piece band goat (JP) , as well as for running record labels NAKID and Birdfriend.

Nakagawa, on the other hand, has built his career and reputation through improvisational performances, stage music and leading several bands. He took part in almost all of Hino’s important compositions such as his theatre piece GEIST (2018-), Virginal Variations (2016) and Hino and FUJI|||||||||||TA’s co-composed piece INTERDIFFUSION A tribute to Yoshi Wada (2021) etc.

While the two have collaborated with each other on many occasions, KAKUHAN was born as a result of an impromptu duo recording, which was made without any particular intentions in mind.

The word KAKUHAN in Japanese means ‘stirring’ of various different elements. It perfectly describes the duo’s musical approach in ways they have stirred the boundaries of ‘electronic/string’, ‘contemporary/club music’, ‘traditional/contemporary’, ‘physical/metaphysical’ and ‘composition/ improvisation.’

The fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments, the digitisation of instrumental sounds, and the reimagining of digitised sounds have been attempted repeatedly in the field of experimental and contemporary music, but what we hear from KAKUHAN has the potential to transform them to the extent they have not reached before.

In 2022, their debut album Metal Zone was released on NAKID. Their sophomore album is set to be released in summer 2024.


Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue