Low Jack

PAN, Editions Gravats, BZH, BFDM, L.I.E.S., Hospital Productions, Modern Love

Philippe Hallais is a French electronic music artist born in 1985 in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and currently living in Paris, where he operates Editions Gravats / Les Disques De La Bretagne with Jean Carval.

He is celebrated for his distinct club constructions, fluidly stepping between dancehall, sound art and techno territories. He has published three albums under the pseudonym Low Jack (Garifuna Variations, L.I.E.S, 2014 ; Sewing Machine, In Paradisum, 2015 ; Lighthouse Stories, Modern Love, 2016) and one under his own name, “An American Hero” (Modern Love, 2017).

Since 2017, Hallais is a member and active contributor of Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement with Dominick Fernow (Hospital Productions). In March 2018, he has released the publicly acclaimed mini-LP « Riddims du Lieu- dit » on his own label Editions Gravats, described as an « absolutely killer set of mutant dancehall futurism from the bassbins of Brittany ».