DJ Nobu – Föllakzoid IIII Remixes (Bitta007)

DJ Nobu takes Föllakzoid’s ‘IIII’ in a new direction. The Chilean band Föllakzoid released their latest album via Sacred Bones last year. The Bitta label boss turns around the final track twice, adding his deep techno hypnotism creating two powerful remakes.

“When I heard Föllakzoid’s music for the first time, I felt like what we are trying to express are fundamentally similar. In other words, I felt like we are both trying to reach the same destination. And one day we met each other in the forest. Domingae and I discovered that we share the same love for Cortázar. The encounter between Föllakzoid and myself is a game designed by the universe. Therefore our collaboration was a destiny, but it also imposed me the most difficult challenges I faced in my music life. I’m extremely relieved and grateful to be able to present the result as a piece of work here.”

Featured in The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: March 2020

Available from Bitta Bandcamp